Avatar Maker: Cats 2 3.0.3


Want to create a pic of a new sweet cartoonish kitty? Or maybe you dream of an image of your favorite character but are not good at drawing? Our game is what you need! The
app offers a large variety of fragments to make up your original kitty character (OC): whether a a soft and playful kittypet or a wild warrior. Customize its eyes, mouth,
coloration, add wings, clothing and set up other attributes. Share your art or set it as wallpaper.
☆ 10,000+ fantasy character options
☆ Save and share features
☆ Flexible coloration options
☆ A great variety of stunning accessories
☆ Female and male characters
Bring a lovely kitty to life: your new avatar will always make you smile. Make it a hero of a comics or a manga! ^_^

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  • 09/02/2019: Avatar Maker: Cats 2 3.0.3
  • 12/05/2018: Avatar Maker: Cats 2
  • 09/02/2018: Avatar Maker: Cats 2 2.5
  • 05/27/2018: Avatar Maker: Cats 2 2.4.2
  • 01/21/2018: Avatar Maker: Cats 2 2.4.1
  • 01/16/2018: Avatar Maker: Cats 2 2.4
  • 01/16/2018: Google
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